It takes 8 to 10 slashes of the knife to cut through and castrate him

Females squeal in orgasmic laughter

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Even a school like Nutcutter High has occasional discipline problems with rowdy boys. You'd think that they'd be terrified into obedience, but never forget that males think with their BALLS!

The male is taken to a special area at the back of the school with his accuser and any other girls or women she chooses to invite. (Naturally, it is taken for granted that her accusation is of course completely true)

The male is placed under the non-tender care of the vicious (even for Nutcutter High) castratrix Mrs Michaels, who has the male's genitals, both cock and balls, locked into a vice on a wooden table.

Then she pours a small amount of petrol over the table-top close to the vice, and throws a very rusty blade onto the table.

The male's accuser is invited to strike a match and light the petrol. Then, as the watching females squeal in orgasmic laughter, the male's only chance of avoiding being burnt alive is to cut his own cock and balls off to free himself from the vice.

Naturally, because the blade is so rusty, it wont take less than 8 or 10 slashes to cut through the flesh and CASTRATE himself.

Needless to say, watching a crying male hack away at his own crotch with a rusty blade, desperate to free himself before he catches fire is HILARIOUS!

If the male does survive, the laughing women will push him to the floor and take turns riding his face as he learns the only skill a EUNUCH will ever need!