It's not like you were much of a man before your little surgery

Being full time cuckold, having your nuts cut off is kindness

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"Oh Honey, it's not like you were much of a man before your little surgery! You had ED on our honeymoon, and I've been turning to more masculine men for sex, ever since. I love you babe, and you take very good care of me, but you've always been lacking between your legs."

"I know it has been tough on you over the years, patching other men fuck your wife, then only getting to do clean up afterward. Having to accept another mans child as your own, really seemed to break your spirit. I decided the best thing I could do for you was to relieve you of that frustrating and useless sex drive!"

"Dr. Mary says many women are deciding to have their husbands castrated, to put them into early sexual retirement. All men go limp eventually, but they usually have twice as long of a sex life as you did! For a full time cuckold, having his nuts cut off can be a great kindness!"