My nuts were dead and had to be cut off

Doctor carefully removed my dead sac and nuts

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My hot bride watched me trying to get hard, in the mirror. "You can pull on that little guy all day, but it will not get hard. Your little balls are dead!"

She had been doing more ball torture leading up to our wedding. She would only suck on me, if I had an elastrator band on my sac. "With the a band on, you cant cum in my mouth. I like that!" I'd watched her swallow many loads from other guys, but she insisted I be banded, to hold in the sperm!

A month before the wedding, we had been drinking, and we fell asleep with the band on my nuts. She woke me saying something about the band. I looked down and my sac was dark purple/black! She called her doctor friend, who had us come in right in. After a short examination of my balls, she gave us the bad news; my nuts were dead and had to be cut off! As my wife and I watched, she carefully removed my dead sac and nuts.

So here I sit watching my bride undress, looking down at a limp dick and the scar where my 'wedding tackle' once hung. Tomorrow we head to Jamaica, where she will have plenty of sex with the local studs, while I watch and do cleanup. I will be a castrated cuckold from now on!