She arranged to have her cuckold husband castrated

It really broke him, when they cut his balls off

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Pete and Jen's story is all so common now. Once her boss started fucking her with his huge black cock, Pete's little white wiener did nothing for her and was kind of a turn off, so his sex life came to a sudden stop.

Jake was so masculine, she could not help but dream of having his child. He was so much more of a man than her husband, she loved to make Pete clean her, after sex.

After a year of cuckolding him, she became pregnant. She knew it would be hard on Pete as a man, raising another man's baby, so she followed her mom's advice and arranged to have him castrated, on a trip to Thailand.

It really broke him, when they cut his balls off, and the loss of hormones changed him entirely. He's not a man at all now and cares for the baby.