She had arranged with the woman doctor to cut his testicles off | Castration fantasy

Her husband could not get fully erect anymore, due to the heavy damage she had done to his testicles over the last few years. She had gone back to fucking black guys, and he had not had sex in several years. He got to clean her pussy after her dates, but only after she had fun banding, injecting and crushing his balls.

This was the first time she had given him head since then, but she wanted to get him off one last time, before his surgery in the morning. She told him she wanted him to get a vasectomy, so it would be easier to accept another man getting her pregnant, once he was sterile.

The truth was, she had arranged with the woman doctor to cut his testicles off, and leave him castrated. She wanted him fully impotent and emasculated. Her girlfriend had done it to her hubby; she loved how it calmed him down, leaving him very passive and weak.

She swallowed the little spurt of cum he managed to produce, and felt better about giving him one last bit of sex. In less then 12 hours, the two glands she held in her hand would be cut off and in a jar for her to take home. She could not wait to see her cuckold tied to the table, as his manhood was sliced off. At 35, his dismal sex life would come to an end.