You're not black so you can never satisfy us

We've never actually seen guys being castrated

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What on earth makes you think we'd fuck you guys? You're not black so you can never satisfy us! You're not rich so you can't afford to pamper us!

No, we brought you here because we've never actually seen guys being castrated. Heard about it of course, but never got around to watching!

Well, why do you need your balls? All you ever use them for is wanking. You're so much better off without them! No, you can't have one last wank? Everyone knows that nuts come off so much easier if they're full of unshot spunk.

Well, no time like the present! And you all certainly look very ready hehehe! No, like I said, this is our first time. We just want to watch! Pick up those scissors in front of each of you. I think you know what to do.

Mmm, that looks good actually. All those ballsacks locked into the grip of sharp scissors. See how tight you can close them without severance. Wow, that is tight!

When you're ready...what? Oh, ok. All together, girls: 'off! Off! Off! Off! Off!'

Suce! Suce! Suce! Suce! Suce!

Wow, that was hot! We're definitely going to want to see that happen a lot more often! Now pick your balls up off the deck and throw them overboard?

Oh, damn! I just remembered! It's black breeding week! All the black guys are going to be knocking up all the horny milfs they can get their dicks into. And all the rich men will be paying to watch their wives getting nailed with black seed!

Where the hell are we going to find some cock? Well, what do you know? We would have fucked you guys after all. You could have had us all week!!!!! Ah, well, too late now. Good thing we brought our dildos!

What are you losers crying for now???